CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2020-006: Bodine Special on the recently released Anthology box with: Bodine, Bold As Brass, Three Times Running, and Bodinism.

SFTW: The Top 25 Progressive Metal albums of the noughties Owing to the massive response to this month's features on the best prog-rock and prog-metal albums of the past decade, we have given a major update and republished our previous feature covering the best Progressive Metal albums of the noughties. How many of these do you have in your collection?

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2020-005 has a Gandalf's Fist Inter-Review: an interview plus reviews of The Clockwork Fable and The Clockwork Prologue.

DPRP Spotify Playlist: Our first big update for 2020 - still featuring some of our top releases from the past year plus new tracks from Nektar, Mariana Semkina (iamthemorning solo), Neal Morse Band, Psychotic Waltz, Siena Root, Anubus, Toundra, Mobius, Godsticks and many more. Listen here.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2020-004: Atertrip - The Wind Between, Glorious Wolf - Zodiac, Kaleidoreal - Finally See Myself, Ruphus - Let Your Light Shine, and Sonus Corona - Time Is Not On Your Side.

SFTW: The Top 100 Prog-Metal Albums of the last decade (the 10s) As a companion piece to Monday's mega feature, we have compiled this year-by-year list of the best prog-metal and heavy prog albums of the last decade; based on our annual end-of-year round-ups. In case you missed it, ealier this month we published: The Top 100 Progressive Rock Albums of the last decade (the 10s).

Concert Reviews has a review of Marillion with Friends from the Orchestra in Vredenburg, Utrecht, 7 December 2019.

SFTW: The Top 25 Prog-Metal Albums of the last decade (the 10s) Our biggest feature ever. You may need to sit down to read this one! Discover the best prog-metal albums of the last ten years - there's a mini review and a video for each.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2020-003: Rhy Dongju - Lions'den II: Essence, Los Exploradores - Inventure, Les Penning With Robert Reed - Return To Penrhos, Yuval Ron - Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum, and Sons Of Apollo - MMXX.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2020-002: A Formal Horse - Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower, Halcyon Reign - The Voyage, Life In Digital - Signs To The Far Side, Moonrise - Travel Within, and North Of South - The Dogma And The Outsider.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2020-001: Atlantaeum Flood - One Day, Bill Bruford’s Earthworks - Heavenly Bodies: The Expanded Collection, Jalayan - Sonic Drive, Penna - SoulMagnet, and Trita - Tunguskan.

SFTW: The Top 100 Progressive Rock Albums of the last decade (the 10s) To wrap-up the decade, we thought it'd be a bit of fun to take a look back at the most popular albums of the last 10 years; as voted for in our annual end of year polls.

SFTW: 11 Amazing progressive rock albums you may have missed in 2019. DPRP has reviewed over 500 different albums in 2019. Thus, both us and you can be forgiven for maybe missing a few real gems along the way. In this special feature, DPRP reviews editor Andy Read selects 11 releases from lesser-known artists that he feels may not have got the attention they deserve! We have tried to select a wide range of artists, representing the many different styles of progressive music. (LEE ABRAHAM, BAROCK PROJECT, RICHARD HENSHALL, MONO, CONSIDER THE SOURCE, STRAWBERRY GIRLS, CHEETOS MAGAZINE, AMAROK, HERD OF INSTINCT, RISE TWAIN & EVAN CARSON).

SFTW: Five new progressive albums you need to hear (December 2019) featuring Rainburn, Vision Divine, Horizon's End, The Omnific & At Night I Fly.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-100, New Year's Special: Alice's Mirror - Through The Mirror, Maria Chiara Argirò - Hidden Seas, Franck Carducci - The Answer, Crayon Phase - Two Hundred Pages, Desert'Smoke - Karakum, The Gardening Club - Boy On A Bike, Thieves' Kitchen - Genius Loci, Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening, and Luiz Zamith - Introspecção.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-099: Catchlight - Helios - Part One, Chronicles - The Forest, Bruno Moscatiello / Kaoll - Brazilian Progressive Rock Soundtrack Vol​.​1, Stonefield - Mystic Stories, Tempus Fugit - The Dawn After The Storm (Extended & Remastered), and Time Shift Accident - Chronosthesia.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-098, a Live Albums Special: Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords - Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live, Alan Davey's Psychedelic Warlords - Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters Live!, Elephant 9 - Psychedelic Backfire I, Elephant 9 & Reine Fiske - Psychedelic Backfire II, Long Distance Calling - STUMMFILM – Live From Hamburg, Overhead - Live At Loreley, and Sons Of Apollo - Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-097, X-Mas Eve Special: Ray Alder - What The Water Wants, Barock Project - Seven Seas, District 97 - Screens, Octavarium - Origin, PreHistoric Animals - A Work of Art, Somehow Jo - Tusk, Frank Wyatt & Friends - Zeitgeist, and Yes - From A Page.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-096: Aliante - Sul Confine, Eric Benac - Frank Zappa - On Track... Every Album, Every Song (1966 To 1979), The Steve Bonino Project - Stargazer 2, Marco Ragni - Oceans Of Thought, Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit Band - Elemental, and Soulsplitter - Salutogenesis.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-095, Prog Bites: Alarmist - Sequesterer, Flaw and Order - Evaporated People, Grande Fox - Space Nest, Great Pacific Orchestra - Fragile Things, Hybridism - Hybridism, Intoxicate - Cross Contamination, OT&DO - At The Place, Matti Saarinen - Grímsey, Jere Haakana Varjosto - Jere Haakana Varjosto, and Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband - Tor And Vale.

The Top 20 Prog-Metal and Heavy Prog Albums of 2019: For those whose tastes veer towards the heavier fringes of the progressive spectrum, here's 20 albums you might like!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-094: Downes Braide Association - Live In England, Emmett Elvin - The End Of Music, Euphoria Station - The Reverie Suite, Magoria - JtR 1888, and a Duo Review of Odd Logic - Last Watch Of The Nightingale.

Prog Central - Progressive Metal: Our Spotify Playlist dealing with the heavier side of prog has had an end-of-year make-over. Listen to 20+ slabs of prog-metal including releases from: Ray Alder, Sons of Apollo, Vanden Plas, Thankyou Scientist, Wilderun, Opeth, Mother of Millions, Darkwater and Klone. Listen here..

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-093: an Inter-Duo-Review of Voyager - Colours In The Sun.

The Top 10 Progressive Albums of 2019: as voted for by 20 writers from DPRP. There are some new faces and perhaps a suprise at number 1.

The DPRP Writers Top Progressive Rock Albums of 2019: It's that time when we start to look back at the last 12 months and select some of our favourite albums from the year. We begin our round-up, by inviting 20 of our writers to select their personal Top 10 Albums of 2019. There are a lot of different choices.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-092: Dreaming Madmen - Ashes Of A Diary, Rise - Strangers, Rise Twain - Rise Twain, RPWL - Live From Outer Space, Temple Renegade - The All Is None, and The Treat - Global Warming/The Good Earth.

Prog Central - Progressive Rock: Our Spotify Playlist for those who enjoy the more traditional style of progressive rock has had a major update. Discover 20+ new albums and two hours of listening from the likes of Bent Knee, Steve Hackett (live), RPWL, The Flower Kings, IQ, Drifting Sun, The Aristocrats, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Leprous, Bruce Soord, Marillion, Flying Colours and The Moron Police. Listen here..

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-091: a Duo Review of Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited Band And Orchestra: Live At The Royal Festival Hall.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-090: a Duo Review of The Flower Kings - Waiting For Miracles.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-089: Si Hayden - Bass Wears Red & Laughs Like A Crow, Mystery - Live In Poznan, Red Kite - Red Kite, Bruce Soord - All This Will Be Yours, Thrailkill - Everything That Is You, and Trappist System Trio - Arrival.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-088: Birdeatsbaby - The World Conspires Against Us, Geoff Feakes - On Track... The Moody Blues, Issun - Dark Green Glow, Egor Lappo - Azimuth, The Minstrel’s Ghost - Jack: A Different Tale, and Western Electric Sound System - The Incredible Shrinking Man.

Something For The Weekend: Five new prog albums you need to hear: Flying Colors, Time Shift Accident, Virgil Donati, Wilderun & Chaos Over Cosmos. Videos and streams of each, with a mini review.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-087: Kornmo - Svartisen, Kornmo - Vandring, Mater Thallium - Mirroring Whirlwinds, Eddie Mulder - Victory, Sleeping In Traffic - That Which Saves Us, Sleeping In Traffic - That Which Destroys Us, and Wheel - Moving Backwards.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-086: Drifting Sun - Planet Junkie, an Inter-Review!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-085: The Fierce And The Dead - Live USA 17, Yogi Lang - A Way Out Of Here, Nevaria - Finally Free, Retrospective - Latent Avidity, Valis Ablaze - Render, and Damian Wilson - Thank You - The Holdsworth Sessions.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-084 is a massive Prog Bites edition with reviews of: Astralium - Land Of Eternal Dreams, Atom Works - The Life Of Spice, Bauda - Brvjo, Travis Benson - Travis Benson, Beyond The Labyrinth - Brand New Start, Corciolli - Imaginary Brazil, Ember Rev - From The Country To The City To The Sea, Hala - Blueberry Ink, Project Renegade - Order Of The Minus, Relayer - V, Ultima Radio - Dusk City, and Richard Wileman - Cabal Of A Thousand Souls.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-083: Aldi Dallo Spazio - Quasar, Ark Ascent - Downfall, Hesperus - Death of my Dear Demons, Knight Area - D-Day, Lo Zoo Di Berlino - Resistenze Elettriche, James Murray - Drakus, and Witchwood - Handful Of Stars.

A Concert Review of Kingcrow, Psychotic Waltz, Lost In Thought, Prehistoric Animals, Rendezvous Point, Kong, Teramaze, Persefone at Sjiwa in Baarlo, Netherlands, October 2019!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-082: a Round Table Review of IQ - Resistance.

A Concert Review of Moonrise and Mystery at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 19 October 2019!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-081: 25 Yard Screamer - Natural Satellite, Arena - Re-Visited Live!, Forest Field - Seasons, Richard Henshall - The Cocoon, Koen Herfst - Leo, Lord Helmet - Forget The End Of The World, Pinnacle - To Whoever You Are Now, and T - Solipsystemology.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-080: Claudio Delgift - Our Spirit, Claudio Rodriguez - Journey On, Frédéric L'Épée - Mornings, Frédéric L'Épée - Campanologie, and a Duo Review of Tool - Fear Inoculum.

A Concert Review of Paul Gilbert: Metropool, Enschede, Netherlands, 12 October 2019!

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