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And what do you think about TDW's one-minute epic, The DPRP Song, in the video above?! 🤘
Marcela Bovio of Dark Horse White Horse (but also Mayan, Stream Of Passion, Ayreon) was being interviewed by DPRP's Stefan Hennig.
Review of young Swedish band Nephila's eponymous debut album and a short interview.
Celeste - Il Principe del Regno Perduto, Rob Koral - Wild Hearts, Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 3 — Duo Review, Marcelo Paganini - Idenity Crisis, Laura Shenton - Decades: Curved Air In The 1970s
The Gardening Club - The Owl, Bernard L'Hoir - Noachis Terra, Toto - With A Little Help From My Friends, The Zone - Prophecies
Laura Meade - The Most Dangerous Woman In America — Duo Review
A.C.T. - Heatwave
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Ding Dong. You're Dead.
Cronofonia - Cronofonia
Genune - Inert & Unerring, Heyoka's Mirror - The Uninvited King, Rhapsody Of Fire - I'll Be Your Hero, Terravoid - Ectogenesis
Neil Ardley - Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows: Live 1975, Graham Costello's Strata - Second Lives, Tyler Kamen - Mr. Loon And His Spectacular Machine, Mick Paul - Parallel Lives, VOLA - Witness
Kenny Bisset - Broken Wilderness, Tom Newman - A Faerie Symphony II, Nine Skies - 5.20, Svarc Hanley Longhawn - 20/21, White Moth Black Butterfly - The Cost Of Dreaming
Confusion Field - Disconnection Complete, Infinitome - Voyage Home
Dewa Budjana - Naurora, Echo Us - The Windsong Spires, Ekphrasis - Weird Interbreeding (White Edition), Kali Trio - Loom, Guy M Tkach and Peter M Sieker - Steven Wilson Footprints. Volume 1: Early Years & Porcupine Tree [Book]
Peter Braidis - On Track ... Asia: Every Album Every Song, Per Nilsen - Iggy and The Stooges On Stage 1967 to 1974, Steve Pilkington - Decades: Uriah Heep In The 1970s, GD Praetorious - Babysitting A Band On The Rocks, Chris Sutton - Decades: Alice Cooper In The 1970s, Andrew Wild - Decades: Fleetwood Mac In The 1970s
Blazin' Quartet - Sleeping Beauty, Daniel Crommie - Noisemaker, Daniel Crommie - A Prelude To The New Normal, MaterialEyes - Three Of A Kind, The Samurai Of Prog - The Lady And The Lion And Other Grimm Tales I, Stealing The Fire - King Of Shadows has a new layout! Read all about it here!
As we pass into the second half of 2021, we invite 20 of the prog-scribes at to select their Top 5 albums of the year so far. This is the list of each reviewer's selections, with videos and links for all of the 70 different albums selected.
Karmamoi - Room 101 — Duo Review
Baris Dai - Ambient Conditions Pt. 1, Kyros - Celexa Streams, Let See Thin - 2Years 2Late, Nolan & Wakeman - Tales By Gaslight, Red Bazar - Connections, Solstice - Sai, Darryl Way - Destinations 2
Jaume de Viala - Sonoritat de mil miralls, Vince DiCola - Only Time Will Tell, Peter Gallagher - On Track ... Marc Bolan, Tyrannosaurus Rex and T.Rex: Every Album, Every Song, Kingfisher Sky - Rise, Kostas Sampanis - Autumne
Pim Koopman & Cindy Oudshoorn - Reappearance, LDDSM (Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel) - Polaris
Stephen Lambe - Decades: Focus In The 1970s, The Guildmaster - The Knight And The Ghost, Kelp Dwellers - Surfacing, Peter Swart - Oderan, Texel - Metropolitan
Eric Baule - Treasures From The Deep (Demos 2010 - 2013), Eric Baule - Reflecting Circles, Focus - Focus 50 - Live In Rio, Seas, Starry - Anatomy, Watershape - You Are Not, Daniel Weiss - Dive
Archangel - Third Warning, Aura - Imaginations, Echoes And Signals - Mercurial, Exanimis - Marionnettiste, Illutia - Un sitio sin lugar
Sylvan - One To Zero — Duo Review
Joost van Dongen - The Ageless Gate
Artnat - The Mirror Effect, Stefano Panunzi - Beyond The Illusion, Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star... Live!, Tubular World - Tubular Bells, Various Artists - Still Wish You Were Here - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Morpheus Project - Mozaick
Last Son Of Eve - Gathering Stones